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Harness & Lanyards

IPAF (International powered access federation) strongly recommend that a full body harness with adjustable lanyard is used when working from a boom type MEWP (mobile elevated working platform) machine. Harness and lanyard are available to purchase or hire.


Key Pads

Key pads can be fitted to machines to reduce chances of theft, unauthorised use and downtime due to machines not being charged. Key pads are programmable and weather proof. Enquire about a key pad where placing your order


Power to Platform

Machines can come with a 110-volt socket at ground level that can be corrected to a power source. Power is fed through an internal lad within the machine to a platform socket. This feature ensures extension cables do not become trapped in the machine.


Wheel covers and Nappies.

Most electric machines are fitted with non-marking tyres, designed to reduce the risk of damaging finished floors.

If machines with non-working tyres are required for work on finished floors, Wheel covers can be fitted to protect the flooring. Machines can also be fitted with a nappy; this protects floors against damage from engine oil or hydraulic oil leaks.


Onboard power

Many diesel-powered machines are available with onboard inverts. This removes the need to hire a separate generator or have leads trailing from the machine.


Transformers and leads

Transformers and leads can be hired with any electric or bi-fuel machine.